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Download the latest (0.7.0) release of JCommander for:
- Windows
- Linux x86
- MacOS X
- Other platforms

JCommander requires Java. Get the latest Java runtime from

What is JCommander?

JCommander is a next generation file manager targeted to be powerful and flexible. Being multi-platform and distributed under an open-source license, it is freely usable on virtually any platform and operating system.

The development of JCommander is taking place at SourceForge.

Screenshots & Screencasts

See screenshots of JCommander here. Screencasts are also available here.


Binary releases are available here.


Discuss about JCommander at the forums section.


See what the developers day to day thoughts are at the JCommander weblog.

Mailing Lists

We have a mailing list for general announcements here. For developers a useful mailing list for getting the pulse of the project is the CVS commits mailing list.

For all the available mailing lists and for subscribtions see this page.

Report a bug

You are welcome to report bugs here.

Request a feature

For requesting a feature or see the already requested features, go here.